Since inception, Eden Life has enjoyed extensive media coverage ranging from numerous interviews with talkshow hosts, Jenny Crwys Williams and Dr D on 702 to TV interviews with Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu on 3Talk, Carte Blanche and Special Assignment.

Eden Life and its founder, Paula Galv√£o has also been the topic or focus of several newspaper and magazine articles, a selection of highlights are listed below:

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Celebs wage war against weighty matters

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Paula Galvao, pharmacist & founder of @EdenLifeDirect shares her personal weight loss journey in the latest issue of @EssaysOfAfrica

Weight-loss Myth busting with a few diet breakers to avoid

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Ten Tips to Help You Shed That Winter Weight and Step Into Spring!

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Eden Life in Get It

Eden Life in Get It

Honouring Simba

May 2015 - Blaque - Honouring Simba

May 2015 - Blaque - Honouring Simba (P43)

Eden Life Clinic in Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping, 01 Jan 2015, P85 Eden Life profile