Weight management is never just a one-size-fits-all approach, and we believe that it is important for you to have personal consultations. Consultations are carried out by appointment. They may be conducted via phone, e-mail or face to face at our head office in Bryanston, Johannesburg.

During your consultation, one of our highly trained consultants will address your specific needs. Each of our consultants have tested our weight-loss program, and lost quite an amount of weight. They are more than willing to show our customers their own personal before and after results, because they have experienced the exhilaration of reaching goal weight first hand, they will be able to tell you what to look forward to and warn you of any possible pitfalls.

They will also be able to carry you through any difficult times. Consultations should be conducted once every two weeks. They are not mandatory, but they will be a huge benefit to you.

It is extremely important to book and attend consultations. Once you are a regular at a clinic it can become easy to skip your consultation and just collect your treatment whenever you need to. However it only takes one thing going wrong with your treatment to realize the importance of a consultation.

During the consultation your doctor has the opportunity to monitor your progress and detect any issues. This is also a chance you have to ask your doctor questions about changes you’ve been experiencing or have a chat about the general condition of your health.


What to do?

  1. Complete the Patient PATIENT DETAILS FORM.
  2. Once completed, the Patient Profile Form, together, with the Conditions of Sale Form and a Bank Deposit Slip can be e-mailed back to Eden Life at
  3. A consultant will now look at your details. If we feel that you have selected an incorrect product for your needs we will contact you via e-mail or phone.
  4. If there are no problems with your Patient Profile Form, we will post your supplements to you and e-mail you the information you need to get started. We will also contact you via phone or e-mail to address your personal weight management problems.
  5. Your next internet or telephonic consultation can now be scheduled – but remember – you don’t have to wait for your appointment if you have a problem. Contact us anytime – we are here for you.
  6. Please Note:

    Both consultations are paid for when you purchase your month supply of the product. We regret that patients not purchasing products from Eden Life may not use the consultation service. Our consultants are specialized, highly trained individuals and we want to maximize their time to ensure that patients on our program are serviced properly and achieve the results they desire.