4 Ways that Running Improves your Health

Are you always hearing your friends call running their “drug”, well it literally is. Running is associated with so many other qualities; when people go for a run it gives them a chance to clear their head’s, breathe in some fresh air while exercising and losing a few kilograms.

Getting your blood pumping by running is enough to get your mind and body in tip-top shape. Running is not only great for the soul but ideal for your well-being. For some, running is a form of exercise, while for some others, it’s a form of relaxation, and there are few for whom it is a means of connecting with nature.

With regular exercise -like dedicating 150 minutes per week- like running the health benefits extend beyond taking prescription medication.

  • Running makes you happier

Apparently no matter the mood you are in before a jog or a sprint; you are guaranteed to feel much better. This goes beyond just a ‘runner’s high’ when you run feel-good hormones known as endocannabinoids are released and these are associated with making you feel happier. Running may help people cope with anxiety and stress even after they’re done working out.

  • Running helps you get fit

When you run, we all know that you burn off calories; the bonus is that when you run regularly this process does not slow down. You don’t necessarily have to sprint every day, you can go for a jog or a power walk at a constant pace; these will have similar results as running. Your body builds muscle when you run so if you are obese or feel heavy; there is a lot of fat your body can transform into muscle.

  • Running strengthens your knees (and your other joints and bones, too)

Running increases bone mass, and even helps prevent age-related bone loss. It has been proven that in stroke patients, regular exercise improves memory, language, thinking, and judgment problems by almost 50 percent. Running also strengthens your knees, muscles and your whole body ultimately. Exercise also helps to strengthen your joints and makes you stronger.

  • Running will keep you sharper, even as you age

Running regularly will help you stay “with it” and improve your memory. There is insurmountable evidence that regular exercise helps defeat age-related mental decline, particularly functions like task switching, selective attention, and working memory. Studies found that fitter older adults scored better in mental tests than their unfit peers

Studies have shown that running helps prevent obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, some cancers, and a host of other unpleasant conditions. It has been proven that running also vastly improves the quality of your emotional and mental life, and even helps you live longer.

The benefits of running are many and ideal for the type of lifestyle you want to live. We all want to be blessed with a long life and running has the ability to make sure that a few more years are added to you.


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Obesity & Being Overweight are Linked to Depression

South Africa has the highest obesity rate in Sub-Saharan Africa, and every year our rate increases. 70% of this rate consists of woman, where men are only occupying a third of the amount.

The disorder of obesity and being overweight is not only tackling adults, but also children; 1 in 4 young girls and 1 in 5 young boys between the ages of 2 – 14 years are overweight or obese. Obesity and being overweight is defined as the irregular or over the top fat aggregation that may impede the well-being of an individual.

Obesity & Being Overweight

Signs that you are gaining weight:
  • When your regular clothes are feeling tight and you need a bigger size.
  • Having additional fat around the midsection.
  • The scale demonstrating that you’ve gained weight.

You must also calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) by taking your weight in kilograms and then dividing it by the square of your height in meters.

Below indicates what your results will mean:

Underweight = <18.5
Normal weight = 18.5–24.9
Overweight = 25–29.9
Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

Obesity can result in cancer, diabetes, strokes, hypertension and painful joints and muscles.

There are three main causes of obesity in South Africans:
  1. Fast foods and food that is oily, fatty and overloaded with salt.
  2. The intake of alcohol; many South Africans love beer, ciders and other types of alcohol with high sugar quantities.
  3. An increase in physical inactivity like daily exercise.

Obesity and being overweight can also be a result of stress and depression. Depression is a mood disorder that puts a person in a sad and emotional state. The person begins to lose interest in everything and will often isolate themselves. Depression can start from work pressure or unemployment; it can start with an unexpected change in your life, such as a loved one’s death, and much more…

Depression affects the mind, body and soul of a being, and causes a person to gain or lose weight, feel anxious, hopeless, guilt, and can activate other disorders such as insomnia and binge eating. Numerous people who are depressed tend to start binge eating, which results in obesity.

These types of people try to disguise their depression and fill the void by eating excessively. Obesity and being overweight can be eliminated. A change in your diet and exercise routine can help. Kindly Contact us for a unique approach to weight loss.


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5 Reasons to start running today!

We have all read the generic benefits of running somewhere. Whether it’s in a magazine or somewhere online. The magazine gets stored somewhere on a shelf and the article gets archived. The team at Edenlife wants you to know about these benefits that might surprise you…

  • A Memory Boost

Physical exercise has a very big influence on the brain. It’s been shown to keep your mind fit and sharp. Running can drastically decrease your chances of running into dementia- even if it’s a family gene.

  • Keep the heart in check!

Running is a natural way to keep high blood pressure at bay. Running can also be beneficial for people who already suffer from high blood pressure. Looks like going the extra mile is beneficial after all.

  • Sleep Better

Runners tend to fall into a specific sleep pattern in order to keep up with their running program. On top of that- running improves you’re your quality of sleep.

  • Show your heart some loving

Running for just an hour a week can reduce the risk of heart disease by almost half compared to non-runners. And for those already hitting the recommended physical activity guidelines, an extra spurt of exercise can lower the risks of heart disease even more.

  • Visit the doctor less

It’s not only apples that can keep the doctor away. Active people are less likely to develop colon cancer. And ladies, women who regularly engage in intense workouts like running can reduce their risk of breast cancer by up to 30 percent.


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How to Lose Unwanted Belly Fat Fast

Welcome to the Eden Life Weight Loss Clinic. Here at Eden Life Clinic we have a very unique approach in assisting our patients with the shedding of that extra unwanted belly fat.

We believe that being overweight is caused by various chemical imbalances within the human body. This can lead to over  eating or the extra storage of fat and in the worst of situations both of these will take place simultaneously leaving the patient in question desperate for help. Trust Eden Life to help you shed that unwanted belly fat once and for all.

Together with our team of doctors we assess the imbalances specific to each client and then use herbal extracts and relevant eating plans to assist our clients in regulating these imbalances. Once all of the chemical balances are identified and regulated the challenge of losing belly fat becomes easier. Before you know it you will be reaching your weight goals while you watch your belly fat melt away into a distant memory.

We at Eden Life are here to help you. Our main priority is to ensure that you succeed in your quest to lose weight. Your goal is our goal. Your success is our success, and we are with you as you journey along this road to a slimmer, healthier you.


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How does our program help you overcome Insulin Resistance?

Our program consists of various products, as well as really easy-to-follow eating plans which assist in enhancing insulin sensitivity, enhancing thermo-genesis of carbohydrate foods, enhancing the body’s metabolic rate, and retaining and building lean muscle.

As many of you may know, obesity is associated with carbohydrate craving in 100% of obese women and 70% of obese men. According to scientists, there might be a link between a condition called insulin resistance and carbohydrate craving.

The concept of Insulin Resistance needs to be understood in order to understand how this products works. When releasing an excessive amount of insulin, your serotonin starts to drop; this causes cravings, which then makes you eat more carbohydrates.  Furthermore, the body’s fat storing mechanisms are increased, so whatever you eat will then be stored as fat.

Complete self-control will be afforded, by regulating your insulin release and increasing your serotonin; you will then be able to say no to fattening foods at ease. For more information regarding Insulin Resistance, please feel free to have a look at our website, or contact us at any time!


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The Benefits of our Wellness Program

Business is about fulfilling a dream and making money. The importance of its human capital to achieve this goal has been neglected in the past decades.

Here at Eden Life Clinic believe that happy, healthy and focused people are the driving force behind any successful and productive organization.

We do not build organizations, we build people, and for organizations can only be who or what their people are. Therefore the health and wellness of your people is vital to the success of your organization

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