Obesity is associated with carbohydrate craving in 100% of obese woman and 70% of obese men. For years scientists have suspected that there is a link between a condition called insulin resistance and carbohydrate craving. In order to understand how this product works we need to understand the concept of “Insulin Resistance”.


Under Normal Circumstances

Insulin: under normal circumstances

In patients who are insulin resistant

Insulin: In patients who are insulin resistant

When patients release excessive amounts of insulin their serotonin drops, hence they start to crave which makes them eat more carbohydrate and a viscous cycle begins.

And just to add insult to injury, when excessive amounts of insulin are released the body’s fat storing mechanisms are increased. So now not only does the patient experience excessive craving, but whatever they eat will be stored directly as fat. This accounts for the fact that many overweight, insulin resistant patients actually don’t eat excessively.

For years fat people have been discriminated against because of their apparent lack of will power – what nonsense – will power has got nothing to do with it! There are biochemical reasons for their eating habits – once you correct the imbalances you correct the problem.

By regulating the patient’s insulin release and increasing their seratonin you are affording the patient total and complete self-control. Patients are often amazed at the ease with which they can say no to fattening foods.

How does the program work to assist you overcome Insulin Resistance?

The program consists of various products together with simple, really easy to follow eating plans which work together to assist in:

  1. Enhancing insulin sensitivity
    Once levels of circulating insulin drop cravings decrease and the body fat is reduced.
  2. Enhancing Thermogenesis of carbohydrate foods

    Thermogenesis is the body’s wasting of food energy, in other words the food we eat is burnt up rather than stored as fat. This is NOT a license to go wild and eat everything in sight, but rather a safety net when you need it to be and a trampoline to maximize your weight loss rate from day to day.

  3. Enchanting the body’s metabolic rate

    Our products are designed to stimulate fat catabolism thus yielding metabolic energy and drastically increasing the metabolic rate. Please notice that it is the heat generated by fat catabolism which stimulates the metabolic rate and NOT the interference with the various “metabolic rate” hormones.

    This mechanism of metabolic rate enchantment ensures that your metabolism does not crash to an all time low once you have reached goal weight, making it virtually impossible for you to maintain the weight. Sound familiar?

    In fact this program has been specially designed to assist your metabolism to work slightly faster than normal long term, thus enabling you to maintain your weight with ease.

    Our motto: Its not how quickly you lose the weight that counts, its how long you keep it off that really matters.

  4. Retaining and building lean muscle

    Many fad rapid weight loss plans cause the body to break down lean muscle. Now, while we believe in rapid weight loss, because weight loss motivates weight loss – we do not want you to lose muscle and end up looking like a shriveled up prune. This is why the program is designed specifically to retain and build lean muscle.


A Multifaceted Approach

  1. The program regulates insulin secretion in such away so as to give the patient absolute and total self-control, it makes dieting a pleasure.

    Remember it’s easy to say no to fattening food when you genuinely don’t want it. There is a big difference between saying, “No – I don’t want that” and “No – I can’t have that”. With this program patients develop self-control that they have never had before – simply because we have balanced their biochemical pathways.

  2. By increasing insulin sensitivity the product enhances thermogenesis i.e. it stimulates the wasting of food energy.
  3. The program energizes the metabolism as a result of increased fat burning.
  4. The program significantly retains and builds muscle.