How does our program help you overcome Insulin Resistance?

Our program consists of various products, as well as really easy-to-follow eating plans which assist in enhancing insulin sensitivity, enhancing thermo-genesis of carbohydrate foods, enhancing the body’s metabolic rate, and retaining and building lean muscle.

As many of you may know, obesity is associated with carbohydrate craving in 100% of obese women and 70% of obese men. According to scientists, there might be a link between a condition called insulin resistance and carbohydrate craving.

The concept of Insulin Resistance needs to be understood in order to understand how this products works. When releasing an excessive amount of insulin, your serotonin starts to drop; this causes cravings, which then makes you eat more carbohydrates.  Furthermore, the body’s fat storing mechanisms are increased, so whatever you eat will then be stored as fat.

Complete self-control will be afforded, by regulating your insulin release and increasing your serotonin; you will then be able to say no to fattening foods at ease. For more information regarding Insulin Resistance, please feel free to have a look at our website, or contact us at any time!


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